Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten, sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... YinYoga können gute Wege sein. Körper, Seele und Geist spielen eine gleich große Rolle und sollten im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen. So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit ein oder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück
Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten,sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... YinYoga können gute Wege sein. Körper, Seele und Geistspielen eine gleich große Rolle und solltenim harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen.So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit einoder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück

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Since January 10 - 2021

Christmas time + time out ended.

Get started: New resolutions + new paths for 2021.

Psychological practice for coaching and psychotherapy.

Winter time with the first snow in the "New Year". New consultation room. New bistro kitchen.


Find and go your own way in 2021 ... show personal responsibility ... improve personal quality of life - now

Important changes ... tackle them now. Straight line. Towards improved results, resilience and self-efficacy.


Through counseling: through coaching and / or behavioral therapy.

Christmas time + time out ended.

Get started: New resolutions + new paths for 2021.

Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg: Experience individual training now live!


Wintertime in Studio Kronberg: sun, snow, flora, sky ... yellow, white, green, blue ... a wonderful range of colors for relaxation. And new accessories. Try out.




Through movement+advice: Through yoga- mobilizing, strengthening, stretching


New Year 2021 - 04.01.2021

Yoga / YYCK


Yoga offers as a gift for a new beginning 2020 - now!




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Through yoga practice now, in YYCK 2021!

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Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg

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Course Outline


from Januar 4th to April 11th


All courses from 2020 will continue in 2021: same days, same times!

We will continue... from the end of lockdown!



New Year 2021

Dear reader of this website,

Dear visitor of the Psychological Institute or Yoga-Studio,


can you, can you still remember? When we experienced the hurricane "Sabine" in February of this year, which swept over us? When flights and trains had to be canceled, events canceled, buildings protected and many daily routines restricted - and there was still great damage and a number of fatalities? Did we perhaps think back then: “It can't get much worse than now!” -?


But who of us would have thought at the time that just a few days later a much larger and still lasting "natural event" (?) would keep all of humanity in suspense, accompanied by many individual private fates - physically, economically. What do we learn from this?


I think - regardless of whether it is a climate catastrophe or a pandemic - we are being shown limits. Limits that we should not cross, limits that are intended to encourage humility, mental contemplation and return. Because one thing we, as (mostly) reasonably endowed, sometimes gifted beings, must never disregard: As humans, as yogis, we are only part of an important whole, we shouldn't take ourselves and the masses of people too seriously, we should by no means consider ourselves the highest or even the supporting greatness of the earth, of the universe. Because we are only a spark in the calculation of time: if you tell about 4.5 billion years of geological history within one day, there are just 2 seconds left for the age of Homo sapiens ("yogiensis")! For the dinosaurs you would have less than half an hour ...!


It is time to send you a heartfelt thank you. For your trust, for your appreciation, for your pleasant cooperation - despite the difficult year. I look forward to a successful sequel.

I wish you a healthy year 2021, free from fear, illness and injury, in a sense of well-being, acting in inner peace and with pleasant gentleness in the heart.


Peaceful greeting


Jörg Michael Scholz



Before New Year`s Eve 2020/2021



In the new bistro kitchen



Psychological Institute Kronberg:



Open now for dialogue conversation over coffee and pastries. Before or from New Year 2021. When will we see each other?


Gladly with a mask and 1.5 m away.



December 2021

Psychological Institute

for Coaching and Psychotherapy


Receive prompt advice in times of C-19



The psyche is suffering from the pandemic. This shows the increased demand for psychological counseling and therapy.


Almost 70 percent of the psychologists in a survey by the Swiss professional association FSP had to turn away patients because of insufficient capacity. Also aggravating:

The demand for psychological counseling or therapy has increased sharply since the summer (and in the course of the current corona pandemic).


This was announced by the FSP, the Federation of Swiss Psychologists, at the beginning of November 2020. It is based on a survey of 1,300 psychologists who are among the approx. 8,300 members of the largest professional association in Switzerland.


46 percent of those surveyed said that the demand for psychological therapy or counseling had increased since the summer because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences. 31 percent reported new cases due to the corona pandemic. This applies to people who were already stressed before the pandemic but now need professional help.

In addition, 47 percent say that the symptoms of their previous patients had worsened due to Corona and lockdown.



Close psychotherapeutic supply gaps


The FSP is now demanding, similar to ours in Germany, that existing gaps in care and access barriers be removed: Outpatient psychotherapy must be accessible to everyone and be paid for by health insurance or basic insurance if it is medically ordered.


Today there are gaps in mental health care. "In rural regions and when children and young people are affected, patients often have to wait up to six months for outpatient therapy," it says. The existing access barriers in the area of ​​outpatient psychotherapy must therefore be removed as quickly as possible.


The Swiss Association and its members complain similar to those responsible in Germany:

According to the FSP, outpatient psychotherapies are now only paid for by the "basic insurance" if they are carried out by a psychiatrist or by a psychological psychotherapist who is employed by a doctor. This so-called delegation model severely restricts the number of psychotherapy places financed by basic insurance, the association criticizes. This leads to long waiting periods.



Maintain anonymity and confidentiality: book psychotherapy as a self-pay


The situation is not only precarious in Switzerland. I therefore increasingly recommend inquiries about psychotherapy to look at the clear advantages in addition to the financial disadvantage of the self-payer status: These lie in the full compliance with data protection (no application to the health insurance company) and in the retention of anonymity or confidentiality - with the not to be underestimated advantage of avoiding any form of stigmatization.


In addition, a psychotherapy place can be found more quickly if you entrust yourself to a qualified psychologist with psychotherapeutic training and background. My recommendation is therefore, in addition to a "title" that enables admission to practice psychotherapy, above all to pay attention to the knowledge and experience of the psychotherapist being considered for the treatment. A job title like the German "Heilpraktiker" is an introduction, a well-founded, university, diploma psychological training plus therapy training are further, important building blocks, which you can rightly trust.


With kind regards



Jörg M. Scholz

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Service and booking: YYCK Kronberg - Mobile 0163-7778800

Due to actual corona crisis: no group events available since November 2020.

Use a brilliant alternative: Chose individual training for individual ( Yin ) Yoga tailor-made !

Private Institute + Yin Yoga



Customers appreciate the new bike parking place.

Visiting the "Psychological Institute". Or the separated unit, the (yin) yoga studio Kronberg - "YYCK".


Yoga / YYCK

Yoga on stage in the park / Impressions 2020


Outdoor Yoga / Open Air Event

Thank you for participating in 2020 !!!

Stage In The Park- 2020


6 weeks during summer holidays + 1 week extra:

Start on July 9th 2020: Yoga on Thursday evenings + Sunday mornings

Last Sessions: Thu 20th and Sun 23rd of August - 2020


More about the event here ...


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20.00 h




Psychologische Praxis



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Psychologische Praxis



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Mindfulness: Challenges on the job and in private life


Event on request

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Psychologische Praxis



Info Night:


Lecturing + Discussion

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initial experience; free of costs


Event on request

Every 4-6 weeks


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Psychologische Praxis



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(Family) Constellation


Event on request

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Yin Yoga Circle

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Workshops 2020

7 Yin Yoga- Archetypes

(Holistic body stretch

of all 7 body segments)


Workshop 2020

Wall YIn


New events to follow !

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For experienced yogis+

ideal for restarters +

yoga beginners




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wIth restart


These options are offered again:

13 Yoga Sessions Per Week


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Practice with "smart distance"


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Consulting / Registration / Booking:

Jörg M. Scholz · Mobile: 0163-7778800 · Web contact form here · Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de


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