Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten, sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Körper, Seele und Geist spielen eine gleich große Rolle und sollten im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen. Auf diese Weise stellt sich auch Erfolg ein - oder kehrt für Sie zurück!
Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten,sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten:Körper, Seele und Geistspielen eine gleich große Rolle und sollten imharmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen.Auf diese Weise stellt sich auch Erfolg ein- oder kehrt für Sie zurück!

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Consulting: Psychological Office + Yoga

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Current: Psychological  office + Yoga



Psychologische Praxis



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of "Psych. Praxis Kronberg"







Psychologische Praxis



Practice Night:

Get to know coaching

Individual appointment



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Psychologische Praxis Kronberg





Psychologische Praxis



Info Evening Event: Lecturing & Discussion


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Psychologische Praxis




Vortrag & Diskussion




Today: 10th anniversary of his death

Depression & Suicide

Robert Enke

Ex goal keeper

German national soccer team



Nearly fully booked !



Yin Yoga Circle

Kronberg & Oberursel


5 years of Yin & Yoga:

Open door event


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Yin-/ Yoga and

Yin Yoga Circle, YYCK Kronberg


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Mindful Flow + Orthopedic Yoga + Yin Yoga

Breath Go + orthopedic-muscular strengthening + fascial stretch

Tue 15.10.2019 - 17.12.19

19.30- 21.00

YYCK Kronberg

+ Shavasana & Mantra-/Musik & Tee




Mindful Flow & Yin Yoga

MBSR breath flow & Soft muscular up to pure stretch

Thu 17.10.2019 - 19.12.19

19.30- 21.00

YYCK Kronberg

Course: starting 17. Oktober 2019 new

in Course Programme "Autumn 2019"



Course alternatives:

Wed morning 7 am + Fri. 18.00 h

im YYCK Kronberg

Mo. + We. 20.00 h

im YYCK Oberursel




Course offers Yoga

"Autumn 2019"

14. October - 22. December 2019

(10 weeks)


13 Yoga options per week

Kid Lessons morning & Afternoon

Partner Lessons before/ during weekend


Yoga on all 5 workdays Mo-Fr + on Sundays

All Lessons: 90 minutes of length

Lessons to all times of the day

Psychological Institute:                 Consulting in Coaching & Psychotherapy


Job · Private



Sports Wo/Men

Pupils  / Students

Brief Service Information: Praxis Jörg M. Scholz: Coaching & Psychotherapie (German Version !)
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Psychological Institute: focal topics

Coaching is striving for new ways and solutions for the individual personality in a constantly more and more complex day-to-day-life. Authentical progress is the aim, instead of outer shine and search for "perfect Style".


for you, privately booked and self paid, has advantages: You are out of duty to justify and to show transparence towards your employer

In psychotherapy it is the aim to find a better way (again) to get along with the own life. To find a walkable way for oneself out of a critical day-to-day-life. So that you can walk side on side, on the same level, with your partner.


for you individually or for both partners, privately, as a couple, is still a matter of stigmatisation in our "open and tolerant" society today. As you leave behind traces (e.g. at your health insurance) on a permanent basis. If you prefer a more liberal way it is advantageous to choose private support.

Women - more easily than men - choose individual consulting for themselves as they tend to be more self-critical with their own ego. On the other hand men start to see the chance of feedback and of the view in the mirror as an asset for themselves currently.

Individual Consulting

with focus on coaching or psychotherapy is bon ton in the USA long-since. And slowly Europe also wakes up here

In a couples or in a relationship counseling situation participating both parties have the opportunity to receive a picture of the partner and of themselves and so to find a new way to perceive themselves or both, mutually, in a new perspective.

Pair Consulting

is evaluated by most people as being risky and tight for a moment. At the same time chances for a prompt and sustainable change of the relation/ship are mostly underestimated

Yin Yoga Circle:                             Consulting in Yoga


Yin Yoga: Focal topics

A profound, flexible & variable yoga practice offers quality, facettes & close accessability

Yoga and Studio

The page for news from the YYCK studios in Kronberg and Oberursel

A balanced yoga practice & meditation offer equilibration on a physical, mental and emotional level

Yoga and Heart

The page for the heart: physical, energetical, spiritual...


A natural yoga practice is characterized by equinamity, focusing the human being and open resources as asceticism & nutrition

Yoga and Nature

This is the page about the human being, animal and plant and their interrelations...

A steadily amazing and attention calling yoga practice bursts our limitations of perception

Yoga and Wonder

This is the page for research and empirical studies offering us wonders in the daily routine

Jörg M. Scholz

Psychological Practice

Individuals · Pairs  -  Coaching · Psychotherapy


Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg


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