Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten, sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten. Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga... drei Wege für Balance. Körper, Seele und Geist mögen im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen. Um Erfolg und Zufriedenheit zu bewahren oder wieder zu finden.
Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten,sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten. Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga... drei Wege für Balance. Körper, Seele und Geistmögen im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen.Um Erfolg und Zufriedenheit zu bewahren oder wieder zu finden.



Ways of consulting ...


coaching, psychotherapy,


Yin Yoga



Private Institute

for coaching + psychotherapy

University Diplome - Psychologist

Jörg M. Scholz

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For individuals or peers.

In my institute or at your home.


Book a free therapy unit for you ...

  • to get informed about the consulting options of "psychotherapy".
  • get to know how you can balance a lot of problem areas by short-time therapy, without the need of a time consuming, extensive therapy schedule
  • how you can cope with the barrier of "therapy" in a "playful" manner
  • eventually also get to know to yin yoga as a mostly helpful and adequate add-on to  psychotherapy (or coaching) - read more about it below.



Mobile 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de


For individuals or peers.

In my institute or at your home.


Book a free coaching unit for you ...

  • get informed about the consulting options of "coaching"
  • get to know how you can balance a lot of stressfull problem areas (not only by psychotherapy or even by avoiding psychotherapy) by the help of coaching
  • and get in touch with "Yin-Yoga" once - for your personal relaxation of body and mind



Mobile 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

Yin Yoga

For individuals, groups in organisations or families.

Practise at the "Yoga Circle Kronberg" - in Kronberg or in Oberursel.

Or at your home or in organisations.



Book a free Yin Yoga lesson at "Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg" separately located from the psychological institute


  • get to know Yin Yoga as a way to physical and mental acceptance of the self
  • breath and feel yourself and experience, doing so, why yin yoga or therapeutic yoga - sometimes comparably effective to coaching or behavioral therapy  - can be a soothing add on-method in conflict and stress situations and so can help you on your way to improved relaxation, wellbeing and success.
  • to get informed about the physical and mental consulting option of Yin Yoga and (further) relaxation methods.
  • choose individual yin yoga consulting, at your home or in my studio, called Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg.
  • experience train-the-trainer support as yoga teacher for your yoga lessons, by supervision, in a process of yoga coaching or "in vivo" during your lesson as teacher.



Mobile: 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

Mobil/e: +49 163 777 88 00

Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

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Jörg M. Scholz

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