Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten, sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga können gute Wege sein . Körper, Seele und Geist spielen eine gleich große Rolle und sollten im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen. So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit ein oder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück
Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten,sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga können gute Wege sein.Körper, Seele und Geistspielen eine gleich große Rolle und solltenim harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen.So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit einoder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück

If you believe,

that your life is against you

that respect, trust, dialogue and understanding suffer,

so find the way to you, back, with equanimity.

Connect with you ... by coaching, psychotherapy or in yoga, breathing and trusting you.



You will feel, experience new,

You become aware of yourself

that you are strong and never alone

that you are on the right path

that you are unique, yes wonderful.



All the best, health, self-awareness, self-efficacy in 2020



Jörg Scholz

Psychological Institute


Psychological Institute:       Coaching +            Psychotherapy                   Target persons:            individuals + peers       

Coaching is striving for new ways and solutions for the individual personality in a constantly more and more complex day-to-day-life. Authentical progress is the aim, instead of outer shine and search for "perfect Style".


for you, privately booked and self paid, has advantages: You are out of duty to justify and to show transparence towards your employer

In psychotherapy it is the aim to find a better way (again) to get along with the own life. To find a walkable way for oneself out of a critical day-to-day-life. So that you can walk side on side, on the same level, with your partner.


for you individually or for both partners, privately, as a couple, is still a matter of stigmatisation in our "open and tolerant" society today. As you leave behind traces (e.g. at your health insurance) on a permanent basis. If you prefer a more liberal way it is advantageous to choose private support.

Women - more easily than men - choose individual consulting for themselves as they tend to be more self-critical with their own ego. On the other hand men start to see the chance of feedback and of the view in the mirror as an asset for themselves currently.

Individual Consulting

with focus on coaching or psychotherapy is bon ton in the USA long-since. And slowly Europe also wakes up here

In a couples or in a relationship counseling situation participating both parties have the opportunity to receive a picture of the partner and of themselves and so to find a new way to perceive themselves or both, mutually, in a new perspective.

Pair Consulting

is evaluated by most people as being risky and tight for a moment. At the same time chances for a prompt and sustainable change of the relation/ship are mostly underestimated





Ways of consulting...


coaching or psychotherapy


... or (Yin) Yoga ?




For individuals or peers.

In my institute or at your home.


Book a free therapy unit for you

  • to get informed about the consulting options of "psychotherapy".
  • get to know how you can balance a lot of problem areas by short-time therapy, without the need of a time consuming, extensive therapy schedule
  • how you can cope with the barrier of "therapy" in a "playful" manner
  • eventually also get to know to yin yoga as a mostly helpful and adequate add-on to  psychotherapy (or coaching) - read more about it below.


Booking: Mobile 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de


For individuals or peers.

In my institute or at your home.


Book a free coaching unit for you

  • get informed about the consulting options of "coaching"
  • get to know how you can balance a lot of stressfull problem areas (not only by psychotherapy or even by avoiding psychotherapy) by the help of coaching
  • and get in touch with "Yin-Yoga" once - for your personal relaxation of body and mind


Booking: Mobile 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

Yin Yoga

For individuals of for groups, families.

Practise at the "Yoga Circle Kronberg" in Kronberg or in Oberursel. Or at your home or in organisations.


Book a free Yin Yoga lesson at "Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg" separately located from the psychological institute

  • get to know Yin Yoga as a way to physical and mental acceptance of the self
  • breath and feel yourself and experience, doing so, why yin yoga or therapeutic yoga - sometimes comparably effective to coaching or behavioral therapy  - can be a soothing add on-method in conflict and stress situations and so can help you on your way to improved relaxation, wellbeing and success.
  • to get informed about the physical and mental consulting option of Yin Yoga and (further) relaxation methods.
  • choose individual yin yoga consulting, at your home or in my studio, called Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg.
  • experience train-the-trainer support as yoga teacher for your yoga lessons, by supervision, in a process of yoga coaching or "in vivo" during your lesson as teacher.


Buchung: Tel. 0163-7778800 - Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

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Mobil/e: +49 163 777 88 00

Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de

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Jörg M. Scholz

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