Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten, sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga können gute Wege sein . Körper, Seele und Geist spielen eine gleich große Rolle und sollten im harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen. So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit ein oder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück
Wer sich beruflich und privat wohl und gesund fühlen möchte, sollte darauf achten,sich ganzheitlich in Balance zu halten: Coaching, Psychotherapie... Yin Yoga können gute Wege sein.Körper, Seele und Geistspielen eine gleich große Rolle und solltenim harmonischen Gleichgewicht zueinander stehen.So stellt sich Erfolg und Zufriedenheit einoder kehrt für Sie wieder zurück

Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg

Eichenheide 12 · 61476 Kronberg im Taunus


Consulting / Registration / Booking: Jörg M. Scholz · Mobile: 0163-7778800

or by: Web contact form here or by eMail: joergmscholz@t-online.de



Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg

Studios: Kronberg + Oberursel




January 6th - April 19th



adults, seniors, kids, teens

group and individual classes/consulting

All work days, before + during weekends

(Course) tickets: no contract commitment




Course / Yoga practice options


Kids + Teens Classes morning/ afternoon


Evening class Oberursel - Thursdays: 19.45 +

(Peer) Evening class Kronberg - Friday: NEW time 18.15 Uhr




Classes on all 5 work days + on sunday !


All classes with 90 minutes of length


Classes at all day times: early, morning, evening




Classes at your choice

YYCK Kronberg + Oberursel                    Winter 2020

January 6th - April 19 th

In the morning


Classes early mornings

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12


Pure Yin Yoga... pure fascial stretch

(100% pure stretch without muscular yang practice - calm )

Wednesday: 07.00 - 08.30

Start: 10. Jan. - End: 15. April


Yoga Nidra... ideal way of meditation & pure Yin Yoga

(Meditation for deep relaxation by diploma psychological coaching + 100% pure stretch without  muscular yang practice)

Friday: 07.00 - 08.30 Uhr

Start: 12. Jan. - End: 17. April





"Young Classes" in mornings/ afternoons

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12


Complete Body Yin...

stretch from crown to feet sole

Complete body stretch for adults, pure Yin Yoga style; soft muscular yang practice elements

Friday: 09.00 - 10.30 Uhr

Start: 12. Jan. - End: 17. April


Further options during day time:

On all other work days optinally bookable





Yin Yoga for "Kids"

Kids: 4 -11 years, accompanied by parent/s

Stretch + Movement in fluent and evtl. static picture positions

4-11 years: "Animal Circus/ Expedition" Playing, narrative, interactive practice



Yin Yoga for "Teens"

Teenager from > 12 years; no parents

Stretch and movement in fluent up to statix picture related positions

From 12 years: "Teen-Yin-Yoga"

Playing, metaphoric yoga positions



Kids / Adult Classes

on all workdays possible - on your request!

Yin Yoga classes in groups of min. 4

individually at your choice

Schedules and contents due to strudture of participants



due to yoga further education:

Sa 01. to Su 09.02.2020

Classes in evenings

Studio Kronberg 1, Eichenheide 12


Studio Oberursel 1, Wiesenaustr. 8


Yin Yoga

(Soft to perceivable stretches with a lot of silence between long kept positions)

Studio Oberursel, Wiesenaustr. 8

Monday: 20.00 - 21.30 Uhr

Start: 06. Jan. - End: 13. April

(14 x Practice in 15 Weeks)


Orthopädic Yoga & Yin Yoga

(Short MBSR breath flow + orthopedic strengthening of muscles + muscular-fascial stretch phase)

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12

Tuesday: 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr

Start: 14. Jan. - End: 14. April

(13 x Practice in 14 Weeks)


Yin & Yang Yoga

(Rhythmic muscular yang flow before soft and complete stretch phase)

Studio Oberursel, Wiesenaustr. 8

Wednesday: 20.00 - 21.30 Uhr

Start: 08. Jan. - End: 15. April

(14 x Practice in 15 Weeks)



Mindful Yin & Yin Yoga

(MBSR breath flow; softly muscular, medium to strong stretches)

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12

Thursday: 19.30 - 21.00 Uhr

Start: 09. Jan. - End: 16. April

(14 x Practice in 15 Weeks)


NEU: Yin Yoga

(Soft to perceivable stretch; with a lot of silence between longer kept positions)

Ort: Studio Oberursel, Wiesenaustr. 8

NEW: Thursday: 19.45 - 21.15 Uhr

Start: 09. Jan.- End: 16. April

(14 x Practice in 15 Weeks)


Introducing... or on weekend


Classes as weekend starter

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12


Mindful Yin & Pure Yin Yoga

MBSR breath flow, softly muscular to pure fascial stretch

Friday: NEW: 18.15 - 19.45 Uhr

Start: 17. Jan. - End: 17. April






Classes on weekends

Studio Kronberg, Eichenheide 12


Inside Insight Yoga

Soft to medium stretch, breath and body awareness, mindful and meditative relax with focus on "heart"

Sunday: 16.00 bis 17.30 Uhr

Start: 12. Jan. - End: 19. April


Classes: min 4 participants or 2 peers

on request

Ideal also for peers with individually different yoga experience

Classes each sunday or fortnightly

Ideal as


Ideal as attunement for new week of work

or as weekend final event



due to yoga further education:

Sa 01. to Su 09.02.2020



YYCK Studios

Kronberg & Oberursel





Terms and Conditions "Course"


Course participation respectively individual course bookings

at any time, also after start of course available and welcome.

All courses are suitable for beginners & experienced yogis

Participants are assisted and supported according to their individual yin-/ yoga experience.


Registration / Booking

obligatory for YYCK members (Card holders with course or 10x- / 12x- cards) as all courses are running at a minimum of 3 participants being booked.

Booking or cancellation of booking is fine by phone call, mail or web contact form (on this page at the bottom end) until 6 hours before course starting time by short information, informally, firmly. Bookings and cancellations to be made without any costs.

Cancellations on behalf of YYCK may result from < 6 hrs before course starting time. You have the option to book a course or to join a course without prior booking when the course planned is definitely running. You can obtain the actual course status (performance or cancelled) by mobile call: ++49 ( 0 ) 163- 7778800 or you find status information within the individual coursse information in the windows of "Course Programme" stated above.



Terms and Conditions "Prices"


here in the web information under "Yin Yoga - Tickets & Prices ".


All actual prices are based on the conditions of Dec 24 2018, valid since "Winter" programme 2018 - Prices of a course unit are unchanged ever since that date. "Special-offer" prices, as the case may be, are given on request.




Web Contact - HERE

Yin Yoga Circle Kronberg

Eichenheide 12 · 61476 Kronberg im Taunus



Consulting/ Registration/ Booking: Jörg M. Scholz

Mobile: 0163-7778800  or Mail: joergmscholz@t-online.de


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